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Buying Anabolic Steroids with Bitcoins


There is a new way of paying things that is secure and fast in the internet and this is through the use of Bitcoins. Bitcoins are considered secure and one of the most trusted form of payment method because there is protection for the identity of both the seller and the buyer.


Bitcoins are digital currencies and they are mined every day to keep them in circulation but they are limited. One bitcoin has a value in another form of currency. It is also possible to convert your currency into Bitcoins and there are different methods of buying them, the most popular is to buy anabolic steroids with bitcoins from a legitimate Bitcoin market.


Because Bitcoins is a form of digital currency, they are considered to be the easiest and fastest option of payment for credit cards, wire transfer, cash deposit and more. When purchasing Bitcoins, you will have to secure and open an online wallet where you can store your Bitcoins.


It is free and you can register with simple steps such as a filing a registration form and encoding your e-mail to which it will be confirmed and the next steps will be given to your e-mail address. After confirmation of your e-mail, you will be redirected to a Bitcoin buying page and there you will be asked to select the number of Bitcoins you want to buy, the conversion rate to your currency, the amount you want to buy and the payment methods.


Bitcoins are bought from persons and sited and you will be given a list of where you can access these Bitcoin. The list will included the name of the person selling, the number of transactions made by this person, the feedback score which is a review of the experiences of customers,  the Bitcoin cost according to the different currencies and the limits of selling.


It is recommended that you select a buyer who has a one hundred feedback score, a buyer who has lower price for Bitcoins and the buyer with more than ten successful transactions made. Part of the list will include the payment options. If all of the processes have been secured, then you will have your confirmation within an hour.


After the confirmation at this homepage, your Bitcoin wallet will have the available funds and you can start buying your anabolic steroids from legitimate sites. Buying anabolic steroids is a comfortable experience when you use your Bitcoins because they are fast, safe and the most secured form of payment available in the internet today.

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